Cosmic Waves, Kp notes for the complete conference (4-8-19 to 4-13-19)

I’ve assembled all of the notes I took during the conference, and here they are. These are limited notes I’ve taken for each of the talks, and are very cursory, but some may be interested in these “points of note” that I felt were worth noting.

[Please note that these notes are (were) hot off the iPhone and have not necessarily been checked closely, and may contain an error or two.]

Cosmic Waves notes, complete conference

Michael Salla
Montauk Chronicles
The Black Sun (book)
Apollo program was cover for sending Nazis to Aldebaron
Ingo Swann, Star Fire

Elizabeth Wilcock
WE are the Frontline of Ascension
A real warrior protects the feminine.
Kwanyin.= Sacred Feminine = Golden Goddess
In a dojo, each person builds up the others (it’s NOT about “dominating the dojo”.

Corey Goode (Part 1)
His MILAB experience began at 6 years, but actually with his grandfather.
Q Anon is an intelligence operation backed by the “Earth Alliance”.
Lost Souls of Maldek and Mars
Went from Mars (cataclysm) to Moon to Antarctica. Eventually incorporated into human bodies.
Most ET groups have darker skin.
Re balancing with the Divine Feminine is essential part of Ascension process.
Confederation that was helping us has disbanded and turned Ascension responsibility over to Humanity.
Partial disclosure is coming, via ruins discovered underwater.
Star seed missions… We each have one.
Our consciousness has a direct effect on the Sun and how it behaves / will behave (during the Solar Event).
Don’t “kick out” too soon. We need a collective of BEings to go through the Solar Event.

Laura Eisenhower (Part 1)
A lot of great information. She talks really fast…!
Reptilians feed on our energy. As we awaken, there’s no more foods for them. So that’s why they inter breeded with humans.
If you’re helping something heal in your body, you’re helping something somewhere else.
Currently we are raising or vibrations collectively to go beyond all the control mechanisms.
Alignments of Stars etc. Are seeing up for return of the Divine Feminine to the planet.

Jordan Sather
Mechanisms of the Deep State.
Donald Trump and General Flynn both used to be Democrat.
Went through best awakening, Q, anons, etc.
Excellently outstanding summary of Q proofs.
He goes through many of the Q related connections and events to expose / take down the deep state.
Mass sealed indictments, corporate resignations, etc.

Corey Goode (Part 2) (Recent Revelations and Contact)
Need to view Cosmos as “Electric Universe”… Electro plasmic model.

Every 2-300000 years, Earth’s poles “flip”
Galactic Super Wave… 1983, Peter Laviolette.
Blue spheres = energy buffers for the Galactic Super Wave.
Turmoil has been rising… We’ll increase more in time.
A lot of timeliness are merging, coming back together. (KP note… not sure I got that right)
Cosmic Energies are now causing is to clear karma and issues, prior to solar flash.
Need to metal detox so electrical effects will not be transmitted through the body.
Solutions : High Vibe diets, stay out of fear, Inner Spiritual Growth, mass meditations, build off grid communities.
Coordinated mass meditations have a great effect.
Orbs… Can be Spirit Beings, or plasma balls.
Flat Earth = thought experiment that got out of control.
Re: Julian Assange… Will go through uncomfortable time for a period. Eventually will for a healthy alliance with The Alliance.
Hawaii… Atlanteans defeated Lemurians at Iao Valley… Lemurians forced underground into cave systems.
Lemurians = bird beings.

Leon Isaac Kennedy
Now working with DW and CG on major Hollywood-quality production movies / programs.
Your forgiveness is YOU taking your power back.
You’re Divinely equipped to rise above any situation.

Michael Salla (Part 2)
Antarctica Atlantis connection is unknown (un-taught) history.
Atlantis global wars.
Cayce talked about Sons of Belial (dark) in Atlantis.
White Hats in current US military do NOT want a repeat of Atlantis wars.
Enoch = pre flood Patriarch. Likely a follower of Law of One. ET contactee.
Righteous Angels = Galactic Confederation
Enoch says to have written 360 books.
Currently only 3 books are recognized today.
Suggested reading… Masters of the Far East
(used their physical bodies as Stargates)
Rand and Rise Flem-Ath book… When the Sky Fell (great map)
Clear Parallels exist between Enoch and Corey Goode point to repeat of Last Days of Atlantis……
– Both were told about Galactics and Earth history.
– Both underwent Cosmic Transformative experiences.
– Both witnessed fallen angels / ETs in Antarctica.
– Both given knowledge of Earth history.
– Both taken to witness Cosmic Events.
– Both taken to Galactic Councils / Council of Saturn.
– Both have had respect from the fallen angels.
– Both received warnings of future cataclysmic events.
– Both were / are preparing humanity for possible “end times” events (Law of One material).
Fallen angels are buried in Antarctica (Sentinel Mountains)
Dr Salla resonated deeply with Corey Goode’s information when he first heard it.
Cayce prophesied a teacher that would come in just prior to “end times”.
Cayce mentioned (1934) John Peniel who wow book “Lost Teachings of Atlantis : Children of the Law of One” also “Lost Horizon” book movie (traveled to Tibet).
Last days of Atlantis are being repeated, many of us are returned from Atlantis.
Penial said coming earth changes will split the path of evolution.
Penial : Preparing for end times… Raise your own consciousness first. If want “safe place”, that’s with others with High Consciousness.
Follow your own path to prepare.
Now info read Antarctica’s Hidden History.

Jean Luc Bozzoli (and Joan Ocean)
Showed his movie, “TransMuteo”.

Laura Eisenhower (Part 2) (Ending Dark Agendas, Living in the Light)
Astrology and DNA connection
DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies (Fosar and Bludorf)
DNA = Biological Internet
Do not align with “Suck a Bus” (Succubus) Energies (TV, fluoride, dumbed down stuff stuff stuff…)
[Again, she’s talking very fast, high Vibration way!!! Holy Crap!!]
Satan is the Lord of hell and the very god who rules over money and wealth.
We have the alchemy in our words that can transform all that.
Our salvation is taking on the task of becoming Masters.
We can be the bridge (midwife) that triggers removal of AI from others.
BEing in the vibration of LOVE… gets us out of underworld labyrinth (but we need to explore those sometimes).
Talk Talk Talk stuff stuff stuff
We must BE Sovereigns.
When we take the task upon ourselves we can ABSOLUTELY heal our DNA.
Path = going into he’ll, dark night of soul, land of no return, rebirth… Integration of Light Energies.
May take time… But it’s recognizable (like hair or grass growing)
Astrology can be a helpful tool. (Chinese medicine, swimming with dolphins, etc.)
We change the elements when change our INNER elements.
Inner pentagram is turning upside down.
So PHI on ic heart speak.
If we’re having symptoms, we’re letting go.

Edge of Wonder Ben Chasteen Rob Chase
Extra Dimensional Worlds
[Kp note : pardon for this last one I have no notes as I “zoned out” for some reason.]

My vision : treasure chest of Light at bottom of ocean… First white, then multi colors (message : keep going deeper)

Group Sharing
The event has helped open minds hearts of humanity.
Continue to connect with people is important.
Rob (Edge of Wonder): bring with those in this group helped us to continue doing what we’re doing.
The Speakers group: Pray for all who are working here and sharing the messages.
Lift up Joan and Jean Luc.
Send good vibrations to all speakers.
Someone’s 5 year son saw vision with all colors of the Galaxy (mammary vision).
“Energized Silence” is recommended.
Our Light is stronger than anything outside is.
Be true to yourself.
Kp: when I listened to my Self, dolphins swam under me. Meditation saw treasure chest of Light… White light then colors.
Be careful of the energy you shake hands with.
Inner Child activated on boat trip up north yesterday.
Maka (Hong Kong): honor the heart space… Telepathically connect. Cherish the Heart space.
Lost all her friends in 2016. Realized many of them not aligned with her Energies. Will go home and pass on this event to others.
Brought shungite stones with her and dolphins connected with them. Came out in hundreds on her second boat trip.
5G is last ditch cabal effort. As we raise our vibration it will not affect us.
Thank you to all who have the courage to come here, and to those who have courage to put themselves out there and expose the truth, BE the truth.
Jordan : orgonite pyramids have shungite area 5G protective and he has them available.
Someone : Joan and Jean Luc are “Cosmic Couple” of this age. Brought together amazing group at this event.
After being with dolphins her injured knee appears to have been healed!
Saw spotted eagle manta ray in Kealakekua Bay.
Conquered fear of being in the water. Didn’t see dolphins up close. Saw puffer fish. Got message that his truth was right in front of him.
Cameradery on boat was amazing! Shared Cosmic Waves with some others using humor. Keep it Light!
We each have an army of support behind us.
Joan: there’s human dolphin community here.

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