Cosmic Waves… Kp notes of 4-12-19

[Please note that these notes are hot off the iPhone and have not been checked closely, and may contain an error or two.]

Cosmic Waves notes of 4-12-19
Laura Eisenhower (Part 2) (Ending Dark Agendas, Living in the Light)
Astrology and DNA connection
DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies (Fosar and Bludorf)
DNA = Biological Internet
Do not align with “Suck a Bus” (Succubus) Energies (TV, fluoride, dumbed down stuff stuff stuff…)
[Again, she’s talking very fast, high Vibration way!!! Holy Crap!!]
Satan is the Lord of hell and the very god who rules over money and wealth.
We have the alchemy in our words that can transform all that.
Our salvation is taking on the task of becoming Masters.
We can be the bridge (midwife) that triggers removal of AI from others.
BEing in the vibration of LOVE… gets us out of underworld labyrinth (but we need to explore those sometimes).
Talk Talk Talk stuff stuff stuff
We must BE Sovereigns.
When we take the task upon ourselves we can ABSOLUTELY heal our DNA.
Path = going into he’ll, dark night of soul, land of no return, rebirth… Integration of Light Energies.
May take time… But it’s recognizable (like hair or grass growing)
Astrology can be a helpful tool. (Chinese medicine, swimming with dolphins, etc.)
We change the elements when change our INNER elements.
Inner pentagram is turning upside down.
So PHI on ic heart speak.
If we’re having symptoms, we’re letting go.
Cosmic Gaia org

Edge of Wonder Ben Chasteen Rob Chase
Extra Dimensional Worlds

[Kp note : pardon for this last one I have no notes as I “zoned out” for some reason.]

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