Cosmic Waves… Kp notes of 4-10 & 4-11-19

Cosmic Waves… Kp notes of 4-10 & 4-11-19

Please note that these notes are hot off the iPhone and have not been checked closely, and may contain an error or two. In any event, my favorite from today was Dr. Salla’s. Some mind expanding info there, particularly the connections between Corey Goode and Enoch.

Have fun with these.


Laura Eisenhower (Part 1)
A lot of great information. She talks really fast…!
Reptilians feed on our energy. As we awaken, there’s no more foods for them. So that’s why they inter breeded with humans.
If you’re helping something heal in your body, you’re helping something somewhere else.
Currently we are raising or vibrations collectively to go beyond all the control mechanisms.
Alignments of Stars etc. Are seeing up for return of the Divine Feminine to the planet.

Jordan Sather
Mechanisms of the Deep State.
Donald Trump and General Flynn both used to be Democrat.
Went through best awakening, Q, anons, etc.
Excellently outstanding summary of Q proofs.
He goes through many of the Q related connections and events to expose / take down the deep state.
Mass sealed indictments, corporate resignations, etc.

Corey Goode (Part 2) (Recent Revelations and Contact)
Need to view Cosmos as “Electric Universe”… Electro plasmic model.

Every 2-300000 years, Earth’s poles “flip”
Galactic Super Wave… 1983, Peter Laviolette.
Blue spheres = energy buffers for the Galactic Super Wave.
Turmoil has been rising… We’ll increase more in time.
A lot of timeliness are merging, coming back together. (KP note… not sure I got that right)
Cosmic Energies are now causing is to clear karma and issues, prior to solar flash.
Need to metal detox so electrical effects will not be transmitted through the body.
Solutions : High Vibe diets, stay out of fear, Inner Spiritual Growth, mass meditations, build off grid communities.
Coordinated mass meditations have a great effect.
Orbs… Can be Spirit Beings, or plasma balls.
Flat Earth = thought experiment that got out of control.
Re: Julian Assange… Will go through uncomfortable time for a period. Eventually will for a healthy alliance with The Alliance.
Hawaii… Atlanteans defeated Lemurians at Iao Valley… Lemurians forced underground into cave systems.
Lemurians = bird beings.

Leon Isaac Kennedy
Now working with DW and CG on major Hollywood-quality production movies / programs.
Your forgiveness is YOU taking your power back.
You’re Divinely equipped to rise above any situation.

Michael Salla (Part 2)
Antarctica Atlantis connection is unknown (un-taught) history.
Atlantis global wars.
Cayce talked about Sons of Belial (dark) in Atlantis.
White Hats in current US military do NOT want a repeat of Atlantis wars.
Enoch = pre flood Patriarch. Likely a follower of Law of One. ET contactee.
Righteous Angels = Galactic Confederation
Enoch says to have written 360 books.
Currently only 3 books are recognized today.
Suggested reading… Masters of the Far East
(used their physical bodies as Stargates)
Rand and Rise Flem-Ath book… When the Sky Fell (great map)
Clear Parallels exist between Enoch and Corey Goode point to repeat of Last Days of Atlantis……
– Both were told about Galactics and Earth history.
– Both underwent Cosmic Transformative experiences.
– Both witnessed fallen angels / ETs in Antarctica.
– Both given knowledge of Earth history.
– Both taken to witness Cosmic Events.
– Both taken to Galactic Councils / Council of Saturn.
– Both have had respect from the fallen angels.
– Both received warnings of future cataclysmic events.
– Both were / are preparing humanity for possible “end times” events (Law of One material).
Fallen angels are buried in Antarctica (Sentinel Mountains)
Dr Salla resonated deeply with Corey Goode’s information when he first heard it.
Cayce prophesied a teacher that would come in just prior to “end times”.
Cayce mentioned (1934) John Peniel who wow book “Lost Teachings of Atlantis : Children of the Law of One” also “Lost Horizon” book movie (traveled to Tibet).
Last days of Atlantis are being repeated, many of us are returned from Atlantis.
Penial said coming earth changes will split the path of evolution.
Penial : Preparing for end times… Raise your own consciousness first. If want “safe place”, that’s with others with High Consciousness.
Follow your own path to prepare.
Now info read Antarctica’s Hidden History.

Jean Luc Bozzoli (and Joan Ocean)

Showed his movie, “TransMuteo”.

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