Cosmic Waves… Kp notes (through 4-9-19)

Decided to post the limited notes I’ve taken for each of the talks so far. These are very cursory, but some may be interested in these “points of note” that I felt were worth noting.

Cosmic Waves notes

Michael Salla
Montauk Chronicles
The Black Sun (book)
Apollo program was cover for sending Nazis to Aldebaron
Ingo Swann, Star Fire

Elizabeth Wilcock
WE are the Frontline of Ascension
A real warrior protects the feminine.
Kwanyin.= Sacred Feminine = Golden Goddess
In a dojo, each person builds up the others (it’s NOT about “dominating the dojo”.

Corey Goode (Part 1)
His MILAB experience began at 6 years, but actually with his grandfather.
Q Anon is an intelligence operation backed by the “Earth Alliance”.
Lost Souls of Maldek and Mars
Went from Mars (cataclysm) to Moon to Antarctica. Eventually incorporated into human bodies.
Most ET groups have darker skin.
Re balancing with the Divine Feminine is essential part of Ascension process.
Confederation that was helping us has disbanded and turned Ascension responsibility over to Humanity.
Partial disclosure is coming, via ruins discovered underwater.
Star seed missions… We each have one.
Our consciousness has a direct effect on the Sun and how it behaves / will behave (during the Solar Event).
Don’t “kick out” too soon. We need a collective of BEings to go through the Solar Event.

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