A Few of the 5,253,577 VIDEOs I’ve Watched recently that I’ve found Illuminating

A few videos that I’m grouping together (as I have several items to take care of at this moment) so perhaps one or more of these will be illuminating to one or more of the viewers.


Dr. Dave Janda points out many of the deep state exposures and collapses that are occurring. And how “Pay to Play” is being exposed. “The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump’s counter offensive strategy directed against the Deep State and their Middle level puppets.”


This x22 points out some of the evidences of “Panic Panic Panic” going on in DC.
Trump says healthcare will not happen until 2020, the new deal is going to be amazing. The [DS] is panicking, they are so afraid that they are now attending group therapy. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan want access to Michael Cohen’s transcripts. Nellie Ohr lied about her ham radio to congress. D’s introduce a bill to allow illegals to work in government. Maduro allows RC aid into the country. The Chinese woman that was apprehended in Mar-a-Lago might be an employee of a social media giant.




Fun one from iPOT (please note that many of these clips are created, and the people in them are NOT really talking this way.


This Mark Taylor and Tiffany Fitzhenry goes into the human trafficking situation (being exposed).


This Chris Mac and Liz Crokin also goes into the human trafficking situation (being exposed).

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