#Q #QAnon 3-20-19… HUGE number of Q posts (3131-3060) related to (exposing) Human Trafficking, etc.

These posts may not be for everyone to view, but it appears that Q and team are in the process of exposing the human trafficking networks. These are not posts which I cared to view, so be aware they are not for the feint of heart. I’ll say no more than that.

Here are a couple of “high point” excerpts:

[pic of Clinton in ocean with guys near apparent tropical beach] How many ‘girls’ were waiting for their return to the boat? Who owned the boat?
What does a ‘handler’ procure? Is the ‘handler’ [one of many] connected to Epstein? Flight logs reveal many hidden artifacts. [RC]

[Anon] Chandler = CHILD HANDLER these people are sick!
[Q] If the records become unsealed much will be revealed. Watch the news for Rachel Chandler. Q

This one case has the ability to bring down the (many) rich & powerful people.
Those who scream the loudest…. Q


[Primary Q site used: qntmpkts.keybase.pub; Secondary Q site used: qmap.pub; also recommended (if all other Q drops sites go down): https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/62.html#bottom; Q validations: https://www.qproofs.com/; More Q info: https://qanon.pub/]

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