A few notes from “Edge of Wonder 3-18-19… “Corey Goode: ‘Alliance Update” video

These are just a few notes I made, from the 35 – 60 minutes mark of the video.

Link to video (related Kp blog post).

Q will be dropping pretty much every day for the rest of this month.
Prelude to FISA disclosure.
Briefings coming out like crazy now.
DW says he’ll have article out (soon?), but things breaking so fast that it’s hard to keep up.
Unbelievable amount of information coming out from the Earth Alliance and the SSP Alliance.
Venezuela and other South American countries have been involved in “mafia like” programs. Shopping lists put together, MS13 types go and get those things on the list (humans, water, etc.).
Alliance has been sending covert ops in to uncover whats hidden there… mainly its lots and lots of data (hard drives, etc.) on ships, barges, etc., mostly blackmail info on Congress people, et al.
DOD DOJ State Department HAD to be cleared out.
Indictments coming out but not all at once.

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