GaiaPortal 3-13-19… “Portia comes quickly to those who seek”

[Kp update: Thanks to S who has pointed out to me that Portia is the Twin Flame of St. Germaine.]

New GaiaPortal came out while I was on Kauai. This was the date when the “new paradigm portal” was “birthed”.

I’m not sure exactly what the “Portia” means, but it could actually relate to “portal”. Various ideas about “Portia” I saw in these links (one, two, three). One of those says that the word means “pig”, and recall that this is the year of the pig (pig = prosperity), and a definition of “portia” is, “the heroine of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, who, in one scene, disguises herself as a lawyer”.

See how this resonates with you!


Portia comes quickly to those who seek

Portia comes quickly to those who seek.

Holy Feminine / Holy Masculine elements are recognized and honored.

Partners of shadow contrasts lose their grip on Hue-Beings.

Fallouts occur.

Elementals accept the nourishment.

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