#Q #QAnon 3-7-19… Q post #2986 … “Hannity show: ‘My sources are telling me all will be well and that justice is finally coming'”

Although I’m not putting any “faith” in timelines, this one rather “popped out” at me, so I post it here. Q states “We hear his source(s) are ‘very’ credible“, so perhaps this is something significant. It includes an image of (what I believe is) Trump’s pen, so perhaps it has to do with a new Executive order or signing something else.

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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: efd49b No.5546235
IMG_45EXE.PNG [Kp note: this appears to be the President’s pen]
We hear his source(s) are ‘very’ credible.


@michaelbeatty3 [3-6-19]

Listening to Hannity Radio in my car just now. Sean seems calm, confident & at peace. He mentioned 3 different times….

“My sources are telling me all will be well and that justice is finally coming”

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #DarkToLight

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