David Wilcock LIVE 2-23-19… “Stunning NEW Antarctic SSP Insiders!” (2:30-4:30 HST; 0030-0230 UTC)

[Kp update: for those interested, and in case of a “take down” of the YouTube video, I’ve downloaded as MP3 audio (minus 94 sec. at beginning) (70MB), 3GP video (144p) (84MB), and MP4 video (360p) (460MB). These are for personal use only and not for reposting. Thank you.]

Live right now (well, it was). Some may wish to tune in. I’m finding it very illuminating (and all that). Note that the start time was delayed 30 minutes as DW was creating some new slides for the presentation.

Key points that DW CG ES have been talking about for several years, have been confirmed by numerous insiders, old and new. And watching this is very much like being at an event with David. And many SSP-disclosure items are connected by him in this presentation. Much of this is BRAND NEW information. He even talks about Q at the end, and presents many points that show that #Q = #Alliance.

[Kp update: This video by Linda Moulton Howe, re: Antarctica SSP Insiders testimony, is what I believe DW is referring to in his live show. Dr. Michael Salla has just released an article about LMW’s video.]

David’s notes are below the video.


Linda Moulton Howe has just shocked the UFO community with two NEW insiders who report on ancient ruins in Antarctica, a modern-day secret space program and interactions with at least seven ET races.
This is the biggest new development in the insider community since Emery Smith came forward. Both whistleblowers are high-level military who have been fully vetted out, showing documentation.
David Wilcock only found out about this yesterday and has already been in communication with Linda about it and watched all of her videos. Hear his initial reactions to this stunning new testimony!
We will review the material that has been disseminated in the first two of six planned live broadcasts on Linda’s own YouTube channel, Earthfiles. The confirmations with our material are literally stunning.
This new information will be woven into our original content plan, which was to cover information relating to Ascension and how to navigate the personal difficulties of this amazing transition.
We are happy to report that we identified three different interconnecting factors that were leading to our video quality being much worse than it is now. We have very significantly upgraded our picture quality after multiple tests and fixes, so it now looks as sharp and high-quality as normal TV. You’ll see!

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