Two Illuminative (re: #Q #QAnon) 2-15-19 VIDEOS: An x22Report and an iPOT (one more, with koala, butterfly, AND dancing cats!!)

Well, these are ones that “hit” my Higher Innards. They both go through recent Q posts and point out various items of possible interest.

We are in Phase III, which apparently is where all has been set up, all protections (for the cabal) are being (have been) removed, and now Phase III where for sure BIG things may soon become visible.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez creates bill to stop Trump’s NE.
Maduro has secret meetings with US. The MSM is starting to realize this movement in Venezuela is not what it seems.
Troops are being withdrawn from key areas in Syria.
Q drops more bread, anons knew about the NE. Trump during his speech explains what happens next.
Q explains that [HRC] protection is gone.
Barr moves forward with the mission. Phase III begins, [DS] is in a panic, pain, justice is coming.
There was coup planned when Trump came into office, the truth is about to come out.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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