Kp Message 2-10-19… “It’s primarily about ‘The Energies'” (and NOT about the “How-things-are-falling-apart-ergies”)

Well, the parenthesized part is supposed to rhyme with “Energies”, so I presume people got that. And “things” primarily means “what appears to be in the outer” and/or “deep state” type deals.

There seems to be a B.A.SH.* going on (*Big A$$ SHift), and primarily I’m looking within. Yes, I’m still observing things and watching a video or two or three, and viewing articles, about all the “deep state takedown”, etc., etc., but these just do not have the “pull” on my Inner BEingness that they used to.

I suppose it’s like when I used to regularly do chemistry, and ran chemical reactions to try to produce a desired product (molecule of interest). I’d map out a path to get there, which might involve several steps, then take one step at a time and observe the results from each step. Sometimes it would go just as I intended, but other times, one or more of the steps would not work the way I’d planned. If I were emotionally involved with the results of each step coming out the way I had planned, rather than just being “the observer”, it could be very draining, emotionally. I worked best when I remained emotionally detached from the results of each step (yet still enjoying the process itself).

Now I’m finding that the “passion” (emotional connection) for all the “How-things-are-falling-apart” deals has left… just “dropped away”. And I mean, BIG TIME “dropped away”.

Recently, most days I’m watching this and that, and all it appears to be, in my mind, is a repeat of what has been said many many times before, and everyone (and their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and partners) are saying the exact same thing… “The deep state is dissolving”. It’s just that one step happens on this day, and the next step happens on that day… etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

I have no challenge with all this occurring, but clearly, my “Higher Inner Self Path” connection with it all has majorly changed… majorly shifted.

I just cannot watch the “us vs. them”, “we’re better than you”, “These people are ______ (fill in with any of, brilliant, idiots, libtards, conservitards, _____-haters, et al.)” or anything like that. There are only a couple of video sites that stay away from that (one is x22), and even those I am having challenges watching.

These things have been communicated before on this blog, within the past month, especially, and they may be communicated again. Maybe doing that is “therapy” for my transforming / transmuting ego self. Whatever it is, I’ll likely continue with it, and see where it goes.

As I’ve pointed out before, for me it has really always been about “The Energies”, and following those “Energies” and following the directions of “The Energies”. That’s why I began this blog. And that is where I continually come back to.

So let us enjoy “The Energies” of this now moment, no matter who is saying what, or what is “falling apart”, in the lower D type world out there. No matter what the “outer conditions” appear to be, the “Higher Inner Energetic Self” is really all that I care to pay attention to right now.

Aloha, Kp

PS… and yes I know this very closely relates to Cobra’s most recent update (related Kp blog post), so some may wish to check that one out again.

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