x22Report Spotlight with Robert David Steele 2-8-19… “Massive Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, 16th Amendment Rescinded”

This is the second interview of RDS by x22Report Dave (link to previous one). Very enlightening. One of the points below (about the likely 30 day shutdown) may be useful reminder to keep supplies on hand in case things get “tight”.


Today’s Guest: Robert David Steele… Website: https://robertdavidsteele.com

Points that stood out (I may add more later):

  • Gold backed dollar is coming.
  • Watch what occurs on Feb. 15… important marker date.
  • 30 day shutdown is very likely, along with an RIF (Reduction in force).
  • Central banks around the world are likely to be gone
  • Trump, Putin, Xi of China are working in harmony to
  • Clinton (HRC) “sold” Syria, Yemen, to Saudi Arabia, Libya to France, for kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Trump (and Alliance) de-nuclearized Korea. The Middle East is next.
  • “Russian collusion” is (to quote Elaine from Seinfld) “Fake, fake, fake, fake”.
  • Public realizes now that the FBI is a joke (relating to Roger Stone’s FBI “assault”).
  • RDS recommends cutting bureaucracies to 30%, combine departments.
  • At end he puts forth some ideas about what Trump could do to improve situation in the government.

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