Kp Message 2-7-19… “‘Completing the Cycle(s)’ and ‘Shifting the Paradigm(s)'”

I’ve been quite aware that this year appears to involve several areas of “Completing Cycles” and “Shifting Paradigm(s)”.

The journey to the Minnesota Headwaters was one of those “cycle completion” deals, and currently there is another one that appears to be completing. For myself, personally, this is also nearing the end of the 18th year I have lived on the Big Island, so, 1 + 8 = 9 = Completion. That is one reason I’ve been looking at the possibility of some type of physical move, which may or may not be a part of this “cycle completion”.

Of course, each of us has a choice whether to go along with these things, but I do sense that, at this time, the “cycle completion(s)” (which may or may not include “moves”) calls for a participation by the one involved with “completing the cycle”.

As I mentioned in the latest Kp Radio Hawaii show, the Cobra “Bubbles of Heaven Update” article brought up a couple key phrases that struck my own “Higher Innards”, one of which was:

“Time now… favors people who take their life in their own hands”

…which means that I (we) may need to be a participant (of some sort) in this “completing the cycle(s)” deal.

The Minnesota Headwaters journey, for example, called for a physical participation (involving the “flying to the Midwest, driving car, wearing warm clothes (so rear end was not frozen off), etc., etc.). Another cycle completion, which is in progress right now, involves not going anywhere, but rather communicating verbally and/or via email with the ones who were involved in that cycle…

And to me, “completing cycles” is followed by (and/or occurs simultaneously with) that “Shifting Paradigm(s)” thing. This has been happening for years, but the last few months has called for one after another after another after another after another after another after paradigm shift (sometimes accompanied with an occasional ego revolt (and possibly a “Dammit, another old paradigm to release!” statement). It’s actually more like tossing out the old paradigm and grabbing on to a new one (which may occur over months, weeks, days, seconds, or microseconds).

Recall another statement from that recent Cobra article:

“Whenever you align with the Light, your life will be easier and easier. Whenever you focus on the old world falling apart, things get worse again.”

So for myself, at least, those old paradigm deals, well, hanging on just does not cut it anymore. Bottom line is to “release the grip” on them, and allow them to fall away (dissolve) “naturally” (whatever that means), which I have found that they do, and at a pace which my BEingness can handle.

And one thing that has helped my Spirit at this time is noted under the line below. Nurturing that “Higher BEingness” I feel is a key part of moving to that Higher Level (aka, “New Paradigm”) of BEing.

Anyway, that is all for now.

Aloha, Kp


More and more I’ve been listening to soothing, higher vibration music. Surprisingly (to me, at least) there are channels on YouTube that are dedicated to this. Here are two I have been listening to (and viewing… quite striking visuals, some of these videos have):
24Relax ….. Meditative Mind

(and I know there are many others)

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