2019 State of the Union Address 2-5-19… “Kp notes and link to Transcript”

I’m just posting a few notes that I wrote during the address. The timings are in hr:min from the beginning (which was at 9 PM EST). Any of my thoughts / “sense” for each are written in brackets ([xxxx]). Links to video versions of the address and the transcript are at the end of this.

My overall sense of this was that it was unifying, a kind of “call to joint action” and a “masterful trolling” session for/of those who are not in alignment with the DJT-Alliance plan.

Pre: lots of D women in white [Why?]
0:10 Buzz Aldrin recognized [disclosure?];
0:23 US has become a net energy exporter
0:24 State of the Union (nation) is strong [R’s mostly stood up, D’s mostly sitting down]
0:25 300,000 new jobs last month; economic miracle taking place; only things that can stop are foolish wars and partisan investigations [
0:32 Illegal immigration; southern border wall necessary; contrasts to wealthy people / politicians who have walls gates guards around their homes
0:44 (“444″PM HST) DJT will get (proper) wall built; encourages reaching deal on it
0:46 Praise for new women in work force (many more… “58% of newly created jobs last year”) and in Congress [both sides stood and applauded and chanted “USA”] [Kp note: DJT is a “master troller”]
0:52 MCA (Mexico-Canada-Agreement) much better for US; need to pass
0:53 [Somewhere in here I noticed that Nancy Pelosi was constantly reading the written address (and sometimes remained standing) while DJT was speaking (never seen that before)]
0:56 Little girl (Grace) raised $40K for addressing cancer; she got cancer and recovered; nat’l “paid family leave” proposed;
0:56 Asks for legislation to forbid late term abortions

1:04 NATO now paying their fair share; “Russia is bad” things mentioned [Is this to keep the “deep dark state” ones happy?]
1:07 Will keep efforts going on North Korea peace (had he not won, we would likely be at war right now) [a reminder: NK and other countries have been “tools” of the deep state / dark CIA for decades]
1:09 Addressed “socialism likers”; No on socialism [Bernie was not smiling]; “USA will never become a socialist country” [noticed NO D’s standing for that one]
1:12 A great nation does not fight endless wars (Kamala Harris stayed seated, no applause, for that one]
1:14 Time for peace in Afghanistan; “Iran is bad” message
1:20 Happy Birthday to Judah (80 yrs. old) (was at synagogue shooting and a holocaust survivor); everyone stood and applauded and then sang Happy birthday.

Links to the full SOTU:
Fox News
TRANSCRIPT: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/02/05/president-trump-2019-state-of-the-union-speech-transcript/ (I chose to pick a non-msm website)

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