Kp Message 2-3-19… “One Primary Mission”

The second time I have watched the movie “Snowden” (prior Kp blog post about this). Not sure why I felt like watching it again. It was a bit challenging to watch the entire thing, for some reason, but I made it through.

One thing was clear, though… it was a reflection of why many of us are on this planet. We may have only one mission to accomplish. One primary mission. And perhaps Ed Snowden fulfilled his primary mission. Certainly there may more to one’s life beyond that primary mission. But that one mission is key to one’s life path.

All of the “Ed Snowden unveiled” details about NSA surveillance started coming out on 6-6-13, precisely at the time I felt called to go on (what I consider) my primary mission… the Turtle Island journey (a 6-month mission of clearing stuff, exploding old paradigms, drinking mochas everywhere I went, and who knows what else (for those wishing to see those posts, go to the archives from June, 2013, through December, 2013)).

Although there have been other missions that I have felt called to go on, that one was a primary one. Many others were also going on their own missions around Turtle Island, so the synchronicity was there, that’s for sure.

There’s certainly more to continue DOing and BEing, and more missions to be accomplished. So no resting on any laurels or accomplishments from past timelines.

However, there are pauses. At this time, I’m sensing I (and may others) are in a “pause state”. And that is perfectly okay. Perhaps it’s like between periods at a ball game, or hockey event. A period of rest and recuperation before the next period begins.

I do know that we are in one of the most thrilling periods of time on this planet that there has ever been.

I suggest, let’s enjoy it!

Aloha, Kp

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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