Masterful Trolling of the deep state, 1-17-19… “Donald Trump says ‘NO’ to Nancy Pelosi’s trip (on US military aircraft)”

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I saw this early AM, and it really didn’t hit me how “masterful” of a trolling of the deep state this was. Then I saw a Natashs V. video about it, which really hit the same points I “got” from this letter. The deep state players (DSPs) are all being called out, and in a way where each DSP is allowed to expose themselves, dig their own holes, get stuck in the hole they’ve dug, until finally they either change hats (black/grey to white) and come around to the Light, or go down with the sinking deep state ship.

Here’s a link to a jpg of the letter. I’ve also added the title of a ZeroHedge post about this.

Trump Tells Pelosi Her Trips Are Postponed Due To Shutdown Unless She Flies Commercial

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