The “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” movie… Yes, I watched it (twice) and here are my impressions…

Well, thanks to the latest David Wilcock article (related Kp blog post) and the Larry King interview of Bob and producer Jeremy Corbell (related Kp blog post), I finally chose to rent and view the movie, on Amazon. I like the Amazon link because I can play it using the Prime Video app on my Roku 3.

Here are my own “prime points” about the movie:

  • Presented a good illustration of Bob’s life period where he was immersed in the “off world” technologies of the craft kept at area S4.
  • Illustrated how he has not chosen to be a part of the “UFO scene”, nor does he want to be.
  • Showed him describing the technologies, and his experiences, matter-of-factly, without ego involvement, and without any desire to profit from his experiences. This demonstrated to me that he was a “true” (aka, “valid”) whistleblower.
  • The space-time distorting technology was pretty “neat” and Bob’s description of it was simple and understandable (links to image1, image2, from DW’s article).
  • Showed his current life, as director of United Nuclear (basically a specialty chemical supplier), his interest in fireworks, and his “experiences” with the FBI.

Would I view this again? Yes (but likely not for awhile). Am I glad I paid the $5.99 to view it on Amazon? Very YES.

The “production quality” was very high, but to me, that was secondary to Bob Lazar’s story as told by the movie.

So that is all for now.

Aloha, Kp

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