Dan Bongino 1-4-19… “The Unhinged Democrats”

[Kp note: I corrected the time-stamped YouTube link below the video, which was giving a “not found” message.]

First of all, I know that many with the D label are not in the “unhinged” category. But it shows how “The Trump Effect” is on full display when it comes to some of the Ds, who have never had to deal with such a person as Trump. This video has one section (approx. 34-52 minutes) where he addressed the “craziness” going on (in reactions to Trump), primarily by some of the Democrat congress people, and how their “unhinged-ness” could eventually lead to a stronger D party and stronger country.

I don’t necessarily align with all of his statements, but this portion struck a couple chords in me. Particularly relevant, in that we are all being “bombarded” by the Higher Frequency Cosmic Energies that are incoming right now. Many I have seen are going into the “craziness” mode, and we are all subject to this mode. Yet we can all learn from those “mode times”, and release and grow through it.



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