Three Videos of 1-4-19… “An x22Report, a PrayingMedic, and a Lionel”

[Kp note: apparently the Praying Medic video was “taken down” as it now says unavailable. Not sure why, but it’s likely the YouTube Antifa police took it down. But I really don’t know why it’s not available. Praying Medic has no comment about it on his FB and Twitter pages.]

These are three that kind of “assisted” in my understanding of things going on. Each of these mentions the resignation of William Arkin from NBC, as he grew weary of their msm principles. His letter of resignation is here (Sputnik also wrote an article about it).

Perhaps some will enjoy these. Lionel provides a relatively uncomplicated assessment of “the msm” and what they really are…

The [DS] pushes ahead with all their bills, impeachment, get rid of the electoral college, protect Mueller, stop the wall etc. This was expected. The Patriots have built a firewall around him [Trump] and now it is time to build the wall. Trump sends the message to the [DS] the wall will be built no matter what. Everything is being put into place, we all need to be patient, the plan is working and the pieces are being moved around the chess board. Q has told us to expect everything we are seeing and they will counter when the time is right.



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