And We Know VIDEO 1-4-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump’s Happy New Year Tweet Decoded. This is as real as it gets”

This video by And We Know goes along with the latest SerialBrain2 article (related Kp blog post). More illuminations of SB2’s decode. Some of these decodes are a bit “deep”, but I like to look at these from my Higher Innards, which gives me an instant “get” that these decodes are “right on, baby”!

Today, we are decoding the Maestro’s Happy New Year tweet. Peruvian coffee for those who saw how POTUS coded QANON in the décor! Did you see it? Img1 Look at the 6 columns in the background and the closer 1 column. This gives you the number 61, which is the value for QANON. Source:

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