A Whole Load of Videos about possibilities for “The Envelopes”

[Kp update 12-26-18: Hengist Mountebank (first video below) posted an add-on to that video, here.]

I’m only posting these because this whole “The Envelopes” thing at GHWB’s funeral on 12-5-18, where several received envelopes which fell out of their programs (prior Kp blog post about that), kind of caught my interest. That has led to a whole load of “speculations” about what were in the envelopes, and what was the message(s). As I mentioned in that prior post, QAnon had been asked “What were in the envelopes ???” in post 2608, and Q replied, … “Our promise to ‘counter’.

Since then I’ve viewed a number of videos about it, and/or been sent links. All of this is still pretty much “throwing out possibilities”. But it can be fun to surmise. I’m placing the videos below in rank of what “hit” my innards hardest… not necessarily based on any deep evidence-heavy truth. The first one (with old time bearded guy) was my favorite!

By the way, I never knew the meaning for “Bolt hole”, which is (according to Urban Dictionary), “A place where a person can escape or hide”. It’s very possible that they were informed that their “bolt holes” had been removed. Who knows! Have fun surmising.







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