#Q #QAnon 12-2-18, posts 2523-2536… “More posts… a few Highlights therefrom” (“The World is about to change”)

Once again, as a couple days ago, my Q Alerts app was going off. There were quite a few of them, and I’m only posting below what “rang my bells” today. Especially noteworthy, I felt, were Q’s remarks about France.

[Currently I’m using https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub// as my main Q drop collection site (which appears to be showing up Q posts more quickly). An alternative is https://qanon.pub/. Also Q recommended https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/62.html#bottom (Q recommended to be used if all other Q drops sites go down)]


A WORLD UNITED IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. People are inherently good. We stand TOGETHER.

Power belongs to the people. You are what matters. All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER. They are scared.

TOGETHER WE WIN. Trust yourself. Think for yourself. You are not alone. Open your heart and your mind. Where We Go One > We Go ALL!!!

2530, 2531
What you are witnessing in France has nothing to do w/ gas [forced narrative]. Vive la France!

[J C] & Vive la France.
Riots in France today. Comey testimony? Do you believe in coincidences?

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. History books.

Ask yourself a very simple question, why is there a total & complete MSM blackout re: France, Belgium, Germany, EU riots etc?
When you are awake you can SEE CLEARLY. FAKE NEWS = ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

The World is about to change.

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