Two video MSM manipulation lessons from An0maly and Mark Dice

[Kp note : I switched the two videos. The Mark Dice one has two prime examples of msm manipulation that I wanted to put first.]

Two great lessons from An0maly and Mark Dice.

In first video:
Example of msm media manipulation #1:
[Chris Cilizza, CNN] “The caravan is coming… For you… Look out. That is the idea that Donald Trump is pushing.”
(Sorry… DJT is not pushing that. And he has never stated anything like that (from anything I’ve seen in Tweets, etc.). But CNN is trying to make you believe that.)
Example… #2:
“Being on the wrong side of a climate change discussion”
(meaning, “If you don’t believe the way we want you to believe (that greenhouse gases are causing climate change and therefore we should be part of the Paris Accords (etc., etc.), you are on the ‘wrong’ side”).


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