Kp Message 11-9-18… “Yes, there’s a lot going on, but…”

…I’m not posting all of those “things” that are going on. I will say this, from my viewing of “stuff” and my own inner “get”:

1. There is voter fraud occurring, all over the place… tonnes of it. It has been “allowed” to occur, so that it may be exposed, big time.
2. It is going to be exposed, big time.
3. Currently, the deep state is using the Democrat party side to try to do it’s “dark work”. It is backfiring BIG TIME on them (just as such would backfire on anyone, individually, who is not aligned with the “Living from the Inner Truth” paradigm).
4. The Light will “win out”.
5. Patience at this time is very helpful.

There are still some items that seem to be calling for my attention, energetically speaking. My primary attention is going to those.

Eventually I will return to the islands. Right now, I am truly IN-JOYing the colder temperatures and snow! And will continue to do so.

Aloha, Kp

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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