A Couple of 10-24-18 videos (x22Report / Jordan Sather) about “The Bombs” sent to deep state players…

There’s lots of “bombs” being discovered (and going off) these days. “Bombs of Light” is how I view them. Yes, these videos get into the apparent “bombs deliveries” to deep state people, but as we are now in the time of INTENSE Apocalypse (unveiling), all attempts to hide “the Truth” and cover one’s own defects of character, misdeeds, et al., are failing, and will fail.

The quote mentioned by Q post 1794 seems to be apropos here:

“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

And although many wouild not view any of the “deep state” beings as “enemies”, in the end, each of us eventually must face “the enemy (adversary) within”. Sometimes we have to let that “enemy (adversary)” come out so it may be faced and dissolved.


We really shouldn’t be surprised, anons warned us this was coming. But the blatantly absurdist nature of the targets is what’s most shocking. It’s a who’s who of deep state criminals and the exact same names we have been demanding be indicted and tried for their sedition and in some cases, treason. And the fact that CNN continues to refer to George Soros as a “Democratic donor and businessman” is really just the cherry on top of this prop bomb fable.



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