@NeonRevolt 10-18-18… “Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy…”

This is a pretty long read, but a major article from Neon Revolt. Quite extensively researched. He apparently has been dubbed “BlackListAnon” by the anon community, and this article is centered around the creator of Hollywood’s Black List, “which styles itself as an annual list of the “best” unproduced scripts in Hollywood,” Franklin Leonard.

One of my “gets” from this is that is shows the intricacy of the extensive cabal reach into Hollywood, and arenas like PACs with “nice sounding” names.

Neon Revolt also “outed” himself as a former Hollywood person, but did not describe his specific activities there.

Follow inner guidance to see if this is “yours” to read. I’m not publishing the text or images.

Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy… Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

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