What (the H—) is an #NPC? Jordan Sather explains… (and a couple hilarious ones I’ve found!)

[Kp update: Infowars has this fascinating article about the NPC meme: “New NPC Memes Crash SJW Programming, Strikes Fear in Libs“.]

Well, I was wondering about this #NPC deal I’d been seeing around here and there, particularly via Neon Revolt and his Gab page. Well, NPC = Non Player Character, and Urban Dictionary describes it like this:

  • A play on video games “non-player character” mixed with a play on The Simulation Hypothesis.
  • An NPC is seemingly a human that is unable to think objectively.
  • We exist in a simulated reality and some humans take on the role of NPCs, spouting “opinions” they are programmed to spout and repeating in a cult-like manner.

To me, it closely relates to what many have “waked up to” about the mass MSM, and how each station essentially mimics the next, and they’re all spouting the same “blah blah blah” as the other.


John Rivers had this to say about it (related image is the first one below):

the NPC meme works cause it undercuts the legitimacy of the Media and our self-styled “Thought Leaders”
someone spends a shit-ton of money on Grad School and is very proud of their opinions and we can just laugh a them – you spent $150k to have the same opinions as everybody else, you coulda just watched iPhone ads and got the same shit for free
lol, you’re a robot

Here’s a #NPC clip (about 1 MB size) that uses Rachel Maddow as an example (and it very closely simulates what I actually do hear when I observe her (or most anyone else on the mass MSM).

(alternate link)

Here’s a couple more #NPC images that I found at Neon Revolt Gab page:

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