Joe Martino, Collective Evolution 7-12-18… “The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President”… (“Trump is giving us the opportunity to change”)

I watched this 20 minute video with Joe Martino, and I found this a quite straightforward detailing the real reasons why Trump came into the Presidency. Very nicely done, in my view. It’s one that is not like the “Rah Rah Trump is God” videos or articles… nothing like that. He explains this from a collective consciousness point of view. At about 12 minutes, Joe points out, “Trump is giving us the opportunity to change.” I totally agree with that.

One premise he starts with, which he does NOT go into deeply, is that there indeed IS a “Deep State”, or “cabal”. For those who may think this is just a recently invented concept, it is not. To help demonstrate this, below Joe’s video, I have placed 1) a video of President Eisenhower mentioning the military-industrial complex (1960), 2) a video of Senator Dan Inouye speaking out about “The Shadow government” (about 1 minute in) (1987), and 3) a link to Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, “Killing the Deep State” (2018).

Thanks to Bh for recommending this video. In fact here’s a quote from her:

“This person [Joe Martino] does such a great job of showing what is happening & why. We have a choice. He shows us what it is.

“It is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about something totally different. You would learn a lot if you watch what this person is explaining to us.”


The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President
Published on Jul 12, 2018
The question comes in a lot here, why is Trump actually president? Is it a step back? Forward? Good? bad? Joe Martino goes deep on how Trump’s presidency reflects collective consciousness and what it is truly asking us to reflect on and do.

Collective Evolution article about this


Deep State / cabal references

1. Eisenhower Farewell speech (“Beware the military-industrial complex“)

2. Senator Inouye Exposes The Shadow Government (go to about 1 minute)

3. Dr. Jerome Corsi, book, “Killing the Deep State“.

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