Dave Janda 10-9-18… “Trump’s Three-Stage Assault on the Deep State” (and a “Rule of Law Reset”)

I’m only posting videos that have had an Inner IMPACT on my mind, and have helped contribute, in some way, to my own conscious awareness about what’s going on, in front of and behind the scenes. I like Dave Janda’s presentations. They are straightforward and clear (and short! This one is only 14 minutes).

He does go into the Justice Kavanaugh deal, and he speaks honestly about him. According to Dave and his sources, even though Kavanaugh had been “tight with the Bushes”, prior to the nomination, Trump had “flipped” Kavanaugh away from being a player for the deep state, and the key component was that Kavanaugh was committed to the restoration of the “rule of law”.

This was the first phase of the takedown of the deep state (the first domino). Now the next phases can take place. The first domino has fallen, the rest will follow.


Published on Oct 9, 2018
The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump’s 3 stage assault on the Deep State. Check out www.davejanda.com for additional content!

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