A Note (for email subscribers) about Videos… (10-7-18)

Thanks to CH for pointing this out! See the images below the text of this post for a visual of a typical video-containing email blog post.

Today I became aware of an issue with playing videos by clicking the video image in emails to Kp blog email subscribers (these are sent automatically by WordPress, not by me personally).

If you click the video image in the email, the video will NOT play. It leads to an “Error 404” type of page. I’ve just tried this with video posts made from my home computer and also with video posts made while I’m “on the road”.

When at home, I always place an actual web link for the video below the video image. When I’m “on the road” (and often posting from my car) I am not able to do that (comfortably).

Here are several things one can do to view the videos from the email received:

1. If there is a link below the video (e.g., https://youtu.be/Ekhum8ununk), just click that and you’ll go to the video.
2. If I’ve posted “from the road” and there is NO video link, just click the title of the blog post (in the example, it would be “SGTReport with John B. Wells, 10-6-18… “Q: Are you ready to see arrests?” (and other items of possible interest)“) and you’ll go to the blog post which contains the video.
3. Click the image, and if you see a 404 error with a link like https://youtu.be/Ekhum8ununk&w%600, just delete everything at the end, including the “&”… so you’d get, “https://youtu.be/Ekhum8ununk“.
4. If I’m posting “on the road”, you may see a 404 error with a link like “https://www.youtube.com/w/?v=xEjxpXU9DF0“. In that case, replace the “w/” with “watch” (so you’d have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEjxpXU9DF0).
5. Final option is to find the nearest body of water and throw your phone and/or computer into it.

I’m going to be checking in with WordPress to see how this can be corrected. In any event, maybe the simplest thing is just to do the “click the blog post title” option.


EXAMPLE SUBSCRIBER EMAIL IMAGES (from this recent post):


Upper portion of email received by subscribers, with video image.

Lower portion of email showing the video link I normally add below the video.

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