GaiaPortal 9-24-18… “Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline”

[Kp update: I put the incorrect date in the title on the first posting. It should have been 9-24-16.]

First of all, with this new GaiaPortal, the word “ferrule“. A ferrule can be “a metal ring, tube, or cap placed over the end of a stick, handle, or post for added strength or stability or to increase wear”, but if you look at the derivation, “from Latin, viriola: a little bracelet; from viria, bracelet; influenced by Latin, ferrum, iron“, to me, that rings closer to what is likely meant here.

“Bracelets (small ones) of Abundance are sown”, appears to me to mean that “seeds of abundance bracelets are sown”. I’m sure there’s more to that.

I do like the “Lightnings encapsulate the hesitant” portion, as it has been clear to many that as we hesitate on following our Higher Paths, often we get hit by “Lightnings”, or “Illuminating flashes”. And when that occurs, and we recognize them as such, “movement begins”… meaning our Inner Movement (and possibly physical ones). In the GaiaPortal, the Lightnings encapsulate (surround) those who are hesitant… Inescapable, unavoidable, impossible not to see.

And perhaps this is setting up for the next, where this Lightning is received within, and “Flashes of Inner Brilliance are received and applauded”.


Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline

Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline.

Ferrules of Abundance are sown.

Lightnings encapsulate the hesitant… movement begins.

Flashes of Inner Brilliance are received and applauded.

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