Greg Hunter interview with Mark Taylor 9-22-18… “Deep State Kicking & Screaming – Christians [all humans] Need to Walk in Faith”

[Kp note: particularly interesting was Mark’s information about what was in store for US people if the deep state had won the 2016 election, and how ministers and clergy were bribed to be used to herd people into FEMA camps. That’s at about 25+ minutes.]

Okay, I added the bracketed words above in the title, as I know this applies to whatever kind of “faith” and/or spiritual practice one is involved in.

I deeply feel a connection with Mark Taylor and his prophecies. I have no issues with the more Christian oriented language he uses, and I feel it is always helpful to stay open to message no matter where they come from and in what language they are delivered.

Basically, from my view, each is here to play their role, and each of those in the Light Worker type arena should continue our works as we are guided… from Above (whether one say it’s from God, Higher Source, Higher Discernment).

All I can say here is that I enjoyed listening to this interview, and that is the only “reason” I need to pass this along.

Published on Sep 22, 2018
Author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” Mark Taylor says indictments of criminals and traitors in the U.S. government is going to cause some upheaval and violence when the release of FBI and DOJ documents show they tried to frame President Trump for a crime he did not do. Taylor explains, “That is the start of it. That is the shot that starts the race right there, and people better be prepared. The civil unrest is going to take place initially. I don’t believe it will be from the people, but from the paid agitators from the DNC and George Soros. Eventually, it may lead into something larger once they start the mass arrests, but there are protection mechanisms in place. . . . The Deep State is kicking and screaming.”

In closing, Taylor says, “As a Christian, we don’t need to be walking in fear, we need to be walking in faith.

Those that have gone before us are praying for what is happening now, and they don’t get to see it. We are the ones that get to see this and that this actually will come to pass. God is going to remove the corruption, and he is going to set the spiritually oppressed people of the earth free. We get to witness this. We get to be a part of this. So, when the arrests start to go down, Trump may declare martial law. . . . He may declare martial law and that is going to scare a lot of people. . . . Don’t allow this stuff to give you a fear based mindset. We need to be walking in faith. God has spoken. . . . There’s going to probably be a rough few months . . . so stock up on some food like you would do for a hurricane or a natural disaster. . . . Just be prepared. When we come out of this, the corruption will be removed.”


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