“Freaked out” by all the recent #QAnon #Q posts? Some may wish to try a little iPOT (and maybe some x22 factor) 9-18-18

All this internet trolling and “freaking out” (by some) over Q may impel one or two to seek a calming solution… like iPOT (= In Pursuit of Truth (aka, “Patrick Mac”)). Well, thanks to Ginger, I finally watched a couple of his videos and found them quite hilarious and informative and entertaining. Perhaps a few will also find the same. He includes a bunch of TV show and cartoon quips along the way, which add a delicious spice or two to the presentation. The one below is fun to listen to just the beginning.

Also I include the latest x22 Report video which amplifies on some of the latest material.




A new report has been released and it shows that the US Government under Obama spied on journalists and it was kept hidden from the public. The Obama admin used the FISA court to do it. Kavanaugh and his accuser are suppose to testify but Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has not accepted the invite. Strzok and McCabe were caught destroying evidence. Maxine Waters is now panicking. NK and SK are meeting in NK to talk about peace. Israel attacks Syria which allowed the S200 system to target a Russian Jet. Congress says Trump cannot attack Syria without authorization. Q drops more bread and DC is in full panic mode. Sessions has been activated and now the tables are turning. The MSM is ignoring what is going on but more carpet bombs are on there way making room for the MOAB.

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