US Intelligence Community officers Come Forward… “YourVoice™ Steel Truth (9/3) ‘DeepState Exposed!'” 9-3-18 (aka, “There was NO Russian Collusion)

The weaponization of the US intelligence community is exposed BIG time in this video, a radio show interview by Ann Vandersteel of two Federal Agents, Robert Corona and Joshua Macias. This is pretty big time, in my view. They outline how they are part of a group of 119 intelligence community people (from all walks of life and political stances) who are now bringing out a website where all of the information they have will be made public.

Tracy Beanz also did an analysis video which adds more depth to this, and there is also an article someone sent (thanks to MT!) that has some of the transcript for this.

A few time notes I took (times are pretty accurate, but approximate):
19:00 What happened on 11-1-16 that got this started.
21:30 Trump campaign did nothing wrong. The US government sent spies into the Trump campaign.
24:30 There is a national emergency concerning the weaponization of US federal departments.
24:55 There was no Russian collusion.
50:00 Essential to get the “bad actors” out.

[Note: I have downloaded this video in two formwats in case this gets “taken down”. Click to view and/or download: MP4 (720p) (296MB); 3GP (144p) (36MB)

Published on Sep 4, 2018
Show Host Ann Vandersteel takes a deep dive into what’s really beneath the #DeepState with two top IC insiders. This is can’t miss TV!

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