Powerful Video from ECETI (8-24-18)… “UFOs: The Uncontrolled Narrative – FULL MOVIE”

I am currently watching this, and my sense is that this is a very important and impactful video. I learned of this from the video in this prior Kp blog post (James Gilliland with Dauntless Dialogue). There’s an incredible amount of visual documentation of sightings (many are from ECETI Ranch, 2018) plus discussion of the inclusion of the Divine Feminine, connections from native cultures, and many other aspects.


ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Published on Aug 24, 2018
The Uncontrolled Narrative is about the UFO cover up, and how the real disclosure comes from the people.

Featuring James Gilliland, John Vivanco, Teresa Yanaros, Jimmy Church, Jordan Sather, Mary Rodwell, Clifford Mahooty, Greg Sullivan, Peter Maxwell Slattery, Billy Carson, Steve Murillo, Cathy Whittenburg Leidall and Kenzie Kazme…

Thanks to all who were a part of this and contributed to it.

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