#Q #QANON Post #2002… “Keep your (surf) shorts on… Patience (Dammit!)”

[Kp note: the phrase “most people as puddings” has been replaced with the intended phrase, “most people as possible” (although the first one might have been tastier).]

In response to the “freak out” type anon statement (below the Q response), here’s what Q noted…

08-30-2018 06:46:36 HST Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 2798966
Hence the reason why we are here.
Hence the reason why THE PEOPLE are being updated.
Emphasis on (SOME) things.
The WORLD is connected.
(SOME) things would irreparably harm our ability to advance.

Yes, many of us have gone through the “Dammit… when’s the truth going to come out? 911 was an inside job controlled demolition! Wake up sheeple! Wake up, dammit!” phase at one point or another. I do know that it’s important that we realize that there is a process for all this to “come out of the closet”, in a way that’s beneficial to the most people as possible.

I suggest allowing that process to happen, participating when Guided to do so.

The #GreatAwakening is happening… NOW!


08-30-2018 06:22:18 HST Anonymous 2798428

TRUTH must be exposed! We the people NEED it! How can we prevent, in the future, the shit we are going thru now if the TRUTH(whole truth) never comes to light?

Those who ignore history(that history includes all the hidden truth) are doomed to repeat it!

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