Three Mark Dice videos illustrating MSMIM (Main Stream Media Information Manipulation)

[Kp note: I updated the Washington Post article link about DJT’s mental health. First one was not giving the article.]

I’ve not posted any Mark Dice videos for awhile, but I often watch and get a charge out of his humorous style (and no, I do not go along with everything he says). He is an outstanding example of independent citizen journalism.

In the first video, at about 2:30, Lester Holt of NBC says something about Alex Jones encouraging viewers to get their rifles and commit criminal acts, but when Mark plays the segment from Alex Jones, it says nothing of the sort.

In the second video, at about the same time, 2:30, Rolling Stone says Tweets supporting Trump are a “real threat”. Really?

In the third video, the NY Times published a (made up) story about Trump losing the 2020 election. Seeding the (asleep) population’s minds, perhaps? MSNBC, at around 1:45, talking about “declining mental state” of DJT (which was NOT supported by a psychological exam he took voluntarily), followed by “completely unhinged… worse by the day”, and at 4:30, Mark reminds us that DJT has received about 90% negative coverage in the main stream press.

This is what MSM does. And this is why I never listen to them or get any of my information from them. The MSM is the propaganda arm of the deep state (and, currently, of the Democrat party, it appears) and is owned by 6 major corporations (see this image, or this one).


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