8-6-18… Alex Jones, Infowars, banned by Facebook, Google, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, iTunes… Welcome to 1984, baby!!!

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Many have likely heard this news by now. I’ve been “out on other planets” today, but even so, I’ve seen several pieces about this.

Below are a few articles that talk about this, with just my own highlights added. I’ve loved many Infowars videos and articles, and although I’m not always a fan of listening to LOTS of Alex and all of his rants, but for sure he has done a great wake up and information service for all of humanity.

My view is, this is a part of the #TrumpEffect, #TrumpDerangementSymdrome, #FearofExposure, which are playing out full bore right now (and I would presume this has all been coordinated with the massive msm attack articles on #Q #QAnon (see this Kp blog post)). And very likely, as I’ve mentioned before, with the intense Light coming in now, all dark elements in this final act on planet Earth are being illuminate, calling out themselves and unveiling their dark intentions, and, one step at a time, digging their own holes. This will not work in keeping people quiet. This will definitely backfire big time against all these social media groups. BIG TIME…

New channels have already opened up. See the Infowars ones below:

And Infowars / Alex Jones has these other (non-Youtube) channels:

And of course, “1984” refers to the Orwell book (link to movie). And no, I do NOT go along with any “doom and gloom” predictions any of these may contain. Like it or not, the Light is “Winning”. It always does.

The internet DARK AGES descends upon us: Facebook, Google, Spotify, Twitter all conspire to “outlaw” conservative speech with no due process (Mike Adams, Natural News)

“Today, tech giants Google / YouTube,… [et al.] all simultaneously blacklisted Alex Jones and InfoWars. This coordinated, illegal censorship is clear proof of an organized criminal racket being conducted by the tech giants. The RICO Act allows for federal prosecution of such criminal conspiracy.… What is hate speech? It’s anything uttered by a conservative.

“Paul Joseph Watson wrote at Infowars this morning: ‘Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube all banned Infowars within 12 hours of each other, illustrating how last night’s purge was a coordinated effort and has nothing to do with these platforms enforcing “hate speech” rules.'”

Tech giants’ banning of Alex Jones just woke up the whole world to the Orwellian horror of social media (Mike Adams, Natural News)

“The tech giants just committed a massive strategic error by wholesale banning / memory holing InfoWars / Alex Jones into oblivion. Now, they’ve awakened a huge array of outspoken thinkers who, even if they don’t agree with Alex Jones, are now defending his right to speak.

“Right now, in real time, YouTube is reportedly banning videos that speak out against YouTube’s censorship of Alex Jones. Seriously. You’re banned from talking about other people being banned.

REAL.video users have posted a large collection of video responses decrying the malicious, authoritarian ban by the tech giants. [go to the article to view]”

Purged: Facebook Permanently Bans Infowars For “Hate Speech” (Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars)

“Facebook announced in a blog post that the four main Infowars pages were “unpublished for repeated violations of Community Standards and accumulating too many strikes… Facebook did not specifically state which posts or videos violated their policies or in what way. The termination of the pages follows an intensive lobbying campaign by the likes of CNN and BuzzFeed to pressure Facebook into banning Infowars.”

“Whether you love or loathe Infowars, this now confirms that Big Tech is working with legacy media and lawmakers to silence independent media.”

Backlash: YouTubers Defend Alex Jones After Platform Bans All Content (Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars)

“Numerous YouTubers created videos Monday defending Infowars founder Alex Jones after Big Tech coordinated an all-out censorship effort against his social media accounts. Check out videos from YouTube producers who see the writing on the wall.”

[And please note that many of these have already been eliminated by Youtube, and will not be viewable on youtube].

Here is one video on Bitchute by Styxhexenhammer) that addresses this (this was removed, presumably by YouTube)

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