Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Owen Shroyer, video interview, “The Trump Revolution and How it Started” (and what was behind it)

Great video, in my view…! And it continues to add “validation data” to what was already presented by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and Dr. Jerome Corsi about Trump running for President.

Several have pointed out this video (created/reposted by Storm Scoops} and I’m getting that it is an excellent “summarizer video” of how we came from 9-11 to the now moment, and the “waking up” of many in the intelligence community and the military began.

A few Dr. Steve quotes I note below:

“The basic revolution occurred in 2016 when we took down Hillary.”
“Major precipitant for the revolution was 9-11.”
“We had to neutralize the neocons.”
“Military began to understand that they were being used.”
“What you’re seeing now are the remnants of the revolution.”
“What you’re seeing now is the debris from that revolution.”



[Kp note: I’m not sure of the actual date of this InfoWars interview, but it must have been fairly recent.]

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