TDSiGDTtTPiH* pt 1… “Lights Go Out As Trump Expresses Faith in Intel”… and #Q #QAnon related messages…

[* The Deep State is Going Down, Thanks to Trump-Putin in Helsinki] Pardon the long acronym, but I wanted a short word for the series of three articles related to the Helsinki conference.

The title is from this USA Today article. On 7-17-18, as Trump was expressing “faith in the intel community”, the lights went out for a few seconds (see the video below). To me it was rather a “key moment” when the lights went out, right after Trump praising the intel community. I had read somewhere that it was General Flynn who turned out the lights, but not I cannot find a link, so I’m not completely sure about that.

In any event, it may be saying, “We are turning the lights our on the “dark intel community”. Later I found these images which may connect to prior Q posts:;; I’ve linked the first one in the image at upper left.

There appears to be an attempt to connect this post from 6-17-18, to the “dark to light” event of 7-17-18. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but I’m putting it out there. Perhaps some others can figure the whole thing out.

Lights Go Out As Trump Expresses Faith in Intel

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