Does this VIDEO of the Queen and President Trump indicate, “The Queen of England Surrendering the International Cabal to the Alliance”?

Taken at about 7:25, just as the Queen traded places with the President

[Kp update: I did find this RMN link to the text, but that is the only one I’ve seen.]

I certainly am not able to confirm if this actually is true, but it would be great if it were. I have no idea if there is a link to this text, but below is what was sent to me by C.O. It does rather “ring true” for me. I did notice in a short RT video that on the first half of the reviewing the troops walk, the Queen and President DJT were standing side by side, then when they turned and walked back, she appeared to point to the President to take the lead, and go in front of her.

Anyway, read on and see how this resonates with you. Guaranteed, we are in fascinating times, that’s for sure!!


The Queen of England Surrendering the International Cabal to the Alliance

This video shows yesterday (7/13/2018) the queen of England surrendering the international cabal to the Alliance (via POTUS) at the 7:20 mark.

Before that mark it shows the British military band play ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ then Trump and the Queen inspect the Troops.

At one point you’ll see the queen step back and walk behind POTUS for the complete inspection.

When they return to the stage the queen surrenders being in the middle to POTUS.

This was to show respect for the Alliance and they (the Alliance not the USA) taking the lead in leadership of the world.

The British press was all aghast when this happened calling Trump arrogant for walking in front of the queen…but the symbolism (like Q’s cryptic codes) got the message across to those who broke the code.

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