Today, 7-7-18, I met (some of) my EMT rescuers (Heroes) of 6-19-18 (you know, the ‘water incident’?)

Something pulled me over to the EMT/fire station that I always pass on my way to Hapuna Beach. I’ve never stopped there before, but I felt like stopping in today, after swimming at Hapuna. I wanted to find out if they were the ones who pulled me off the beach and took me to the North Hawaii Community Hospital emergency room, on 6-19-18 (link to the water event).

Turns out, they were the ones.

After I pulled in, I told them who I was, and several of them recognized me and came over and wondered how I was doing. I told them how quickly I had recovered, and expressed my gratitude for all they had done for me on 6-19-18. The guy just to my right was one who helped get the water out of my lungs and start breathing again, and Kai, the guy in horizontal-striped surf shorts (two guys to my left) was the driver. There was one fellow who was also on the 6-19-18 team but was not there today.

They also told me that, yes, several young boys on the beach had actually pulled me out of the water. That in itself probably saved my life. All I found out was that they were local boys from the area.

Anyway, I felt this was something I wanted to do, to complete the wonderful circle of new life which, thanks to these men (and the boys on the beach), I was given. As one of them said as the picture was being taken, “We are all ohana (family)”.

Wanted to share this with everyone. I will always be grateful to people like this who train for these difficult jobs, to help us all get through emergency events like I experienced.

Aloha, Kp

PS Notice that every one of them is wearing surf shorts!! I can align with that, baby!

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