YouAreFreeTV 6-11-18… “NO FEAR: PRISON PLANET OVER, Steven D K_lley [Kelley] on Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY”

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This was a very interesting and informative video, and I very much enjoyed the message from Steven Kelley, of whom I’d never heard before. He talks about many things, but here are some highlight points, and approximate times:

28 min.: about being a “Light worker” and why it’s a wonderful time to be here.
35 min.: what’s going on with the “Arizona p-trafficking camp”, and why it appears to be a “not true” event.
~39 min.: all about the Getty museum, and why it’s a major Pandora’s box for the cabal. Underground tunnels, etc., involved.
~55 min.: the off-planet connections to what’s going on, and how they are helping us to eliminate underground bases, etc. SSP, loosh, etc., all discussed.

Published on Jun 11, 2018
Steven D Kelley has exposed the DUMB underneath the Getty Center completed by Sir Paul Getty, the anglophile who earned his knighthood by building a $1.4 million catastrophe-proof underground fortress in Bel Air, CA, for the English Royals that includes a massive underground installation said to house a facility that enslaves and harvests trafficked children.

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