Comment made on the RT video in the last post (6-10-18)

As I noted in the last RT video post, YouTube placed a disclaimer on their video page which I snipped in the image at left. It says, “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government.”

I saw this before I arose from my horizontal (aka, sleeping) position this morning, and I felt a bit fired up so I “blasted off” the following comment.

Hey, YouTube, you don’t need to tell me that RT is “Russian channel”. I know what you’re up to. You’re saying “Russia = fake news”, right? Well I hope you put disclaimers on ALL of the following YouTube channels, something like “These channels consistently put out false and /or misleading information about many things, especially about President Trump, conservative viewpoints, etc. And these channels are part of a media group owned by 5-6 corporations and have consistently been used to push political and social change agendas for the last several decades.”…

CNN, MSNBC NBC ABC CBS, NY TIMES, Comedy Central, Washington Post, Huffington Post etc etc etc.

I personally trust RT more than all those other media shill outlets.

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