Kp Radio Hawaii 6-9-18… “What ‘happened’ at CITD and what was ‘Triggered'”

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Short description of CITD journey. Travel on interstate.
  • Initial energy impact was much lighter than last year. Vibrations were raised from last year.
  • First night met Cliff Mahooty, Emery Smith, James Gilliland, Mike Bara. Later, Jordan Sather, Jimmy Church, David Wilcock.
  • CITD Triggered… The Q post. New Booms…
  • Emery and David talked about in an off the cuff presentation. Portals, ET beings that were analyzed.
  • Very important to not limit oneself to this being all of disclosure.
  • Other events, “craft viewing” CE-5, James Gilliland.
  • In the end, disclosure is very personal… does not have involve seeing moving ships, lights.
  • “Calling in craft” is artificial (my view).
  • My own personal experience with light show in Joshua Tree park. Light was moving in my field of view. Some kind of recoding (of DNA?) going on. New codes being received. I asked for validation. Got it.
  • Next morning, saw cloud craft with the sunrise.
  • One days later was into Hollywood. Perhaps to “electrify” Hollywood, Illuminating Hollywood.
  • Driving to LAX airport was from a place of peace and acceptance of the “craziness” of the driving scenario.
  • Gratitude to all who joined in on this journey, in their own way.

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[Pre-show notes: “A few things were triggered, and a few things actually happened… and more about the journey.”]

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