Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion 2.0) 6-8-18… “New Sealed Record Count / CEOs Resigning / AZ Trafficking Camp / IG Report & FBI”

[Download this video here (360p, 65MB).]

I found this an excellent “summary of what is going on” video, made few days after the CITD event finished. He points out the increase in the number of sealed indictments, what’s going on in Arizona regarding taking down human trafficking, and other items.

Note that Jordan is using his 2.0 version of DTY, so we’ll see how long this stays up. I’m going to download this video and store in my own location, when I do, I’ll add that download link here.

Destroying the Illusion 2.0
Published on Jun 7, 2018
Today’s Links:
Sealed Indictment Count –
Sessions Announces 311 New Assistant United States Attorney Positions –
Metro sex-trafficking sting rescues nearly 160 children –
Update: ‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered in Arizona is Located on Clinton Foundation Donor CEMEX Property – . .
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