Don Grahn and Dr. James Fetzer have now Joined the “Banned by YouTube” party!! (5-30-18)

I’ve not posted too much from Don Grahn’s “Truth vs. News” lately, but I wanted to post this before I left. Please follow the instructions about how to access all of his shows at (then Search for: Donald Grahn).

Clearly, in my view, this is quite the “desperation” time for the cabal (deep state (no caps)) these things may continue for a period of time until the #GreatAwakening for “the masses” has reached a critical point. Also recall that Jordan Sather has, once again, been “banned by YouTube”.



YouTube has now issued 4 (four) strikes against me for featuring a lecture-ous 77 year-old historical investigator/author on my TV programs, one James Henry Fetzer, an ex-Marine captain, McKnight honored Professor Emeritus, who is seeking the truth behind the media narratives. – That’s whe Jim is now indeed “the most dangerous mind in America.”

Is there something dangerous about exposing the truth in an Orwellian world of events? Is there something really wrong with our society? Is this a crisis?

As a result I am again banned from publishing on YT for the next 2 weeks!!

I really need your help now to share this Post like crazy – as other YT channels have been completely shut down now, like the Power Hour and now Kerry Cassidy.

This week’s program and You are standing between your right to freedom of speech (sharing) – and – censorship w/o due process = political/criminal tyranny.

NOTE THIS: All 1100+ of my TV shows are available on (then Search for: Donald Grahn); Sort by: Date Archived / published. Enjoy & comment…

I have sufficient grounds for a winning court case (both civil and criminal) against YT for denial of due process under conspiratorial color of law.


This week’s pivotal TV production – share as far / wide as you can…

[Roseann Barr was wrong to make a public ad hominem attack on Valerie Jarrett – but maybe Valerie deserves some rebuke:

“Meet Valerie Jarrett, One of Chicago’s Biggest Slum Lords; Profited from Ghetto-Property Scheme Backed by State Senator Obama”]

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