x22Report 5-24-18… “North Korea Summit Has Been Canceled, Or Has It?”

This is one of the few I listened to today, and with many reporting that the North Korea deal had fallen through, well, x22Report guy (Dave?) notes that Q has indicated the North Korea deal was very likely already done, so the public summit may not have even been necessary. Anyway, I found it illuminating about that one event. The rest of it covers how the cabal operations are falling apart, as usual.


Published on May 24, 2018
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Greeley wants all un-redacted texts from Strzok and Page. Wikileaks drops a bombshell. The deep state coordinated a counter intel op against Trump and his administration. France move closer with Russia signs a billion euro deal. Trump calls off an historic meeting with North Korea, are we going to war, is this to trap the deep state, has the meeting already taken place? Q provides the answers. Iran issues demands to Europe in regards to the deal, some in the Iranian government want to work with the US on Pompeo’s points. France recognizes Russia’s role in the middle east. ISIS leader captured by US.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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