What People IMAGINE the Hawaii Lava flows look like, vs. What they REALLY look like!!

[Kp add-on note: even the graphic does not depict precisely where the flow is now, as it is currently going into the ocean.] ] Finally I found this as I’ve been looking for it all day. Thanks to Slim Chandra-Shekar, who apparently put this great graphic together. Here is a direct link to the FB post with the image. He writes:

“Notwithstanding some dramatic lava footage we’ve seen in recent days on the Big Island, here is a bit of perspective for those who don’t know the island. The Big Island is big, folks! Google Earth gives you more perspective, if you’re interested.”

So feel free to take this for what it’s worth. If you a “fear pornstar”, keep this in mind. The eruption is a common event over here.

Read this quite descriptive Wikipedia article about Kīlauea. Continuous lava eruptions in the past have gone from (approx.) 1790-1923, 1983-present. Take a look at this image from the article.

Bottom line, as far as this blog goes, and the Lightworker community that reads it, I strongly suggest… “Stop with the fear porn about this eruption event, and get real!” We ain’t gonna blow up or lose part of the island because of this (actually we’re likely making more island because of this).

Aloha, Kp

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